Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ by Models


PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out


The following asked and answered questions are the most common ones that I receive. Please read through them and then do not hesitate to ask any unanswered questions you may have.
I am a model:
Why should I have to pay anything?
 This question really isn’t asked as often as you might think! But, just the same, here goes.
1) Your fee helps underwrite the cost of the venue. PhotoModex chooses interesting and unique venues that are not usually affordable by a single photographer or model doing a TFI type of photo-shoot.
2) Most likely you will be meeting and working with photographers you have not met before. Since this is a safe, controlled shooting environment, this is the perfect opportunity to meet new photographers and shoot!
3) Each photographer is obligate to provide each model they work with three to five portfolio-ready images taken at this shoot. If there are a dozen photographers, then that means you’ll get between thirty and sixty images from this event!
4)The modeling workshop alone is worth the registration fee.
5) Meeting other models, sharing ideas and experiences, and encouraging one another is always a positive thing.
What is this “appearance fee” that I read about?
The fee for the 2018 event is $50 for models. $25 of that amount is for the “appearance fee.” Frankly, this fee is to help assure the other participants that you will be in attendance as you have committed to. It works like this: you pay the $50 fee via PayPal in advance (no ‘pay-at-the-gate’). You are expected to be at the venue from start to finish, UNLESS, you make arrangements with PhotoModex in advance. This is very important, as the scheduling of models & photographers to shoot together is dependent upon this information.
When you show up as promised and leave as promised, you will be given $25 in cash back when you check out. This procedure has reduce the number of “no-shows” by 90%.
What about wardrobe?
Due to the wide variety of backdrops, both inside and out, you are encouraged to bring several changes of clothing, including swim wear if you so wish. There are different areas where you will be able to change.
What about make-up and hair?
You need to arrive at the Venue READY TO SHOOT. While we have scheduled MUAHs to be in attendance, their function will be primarily touch up and restore. Photographers will be arriving at 9am. They will expect, and rightfully so, models to be there, ready to shoot.
I’ve been to other events where models need the full make-up services. So, while they are getting made up, photographers are standing around waiting. We don’t do that. MUAHs are volunteering their services. Their materials cost them money. Tips would be a nice gesture.
Who will I be shooting with?
PhotoModex tries to maintain a 1:1 ratio of models to photographers. While it is not always possible, It is our intention that everyone has the opportunity to work with everyone else. So, plan to work some with every photographer listed in the Participants’ List.
When do I get my images?
Photographers will be given 60 days to get images to the models. While that may seem a long time to some, please understand that photographers will shoot thousands of images during this day, all of which have to be scanned, selected, and edited. That just does not happen overnight. Also, most of the participating photographers also do paid work. And, they have to give a paying client priority in delivering images.
How do I get my images?
Each model/photographer team will work out the delivery of images between each other. Bring a notepad or keep records on your cell phone: photographer name and number and the agreed upon delivery method.