Who is attending PhotoModex 7th Annual Photo-Shoot-Out?

Who’s Coming?

The following Photographers and Models have committed to participating in this Event!

(Note: PhotoModex cannot guarantee that any committed artists will attend the Event.)


1) Jim Bentley
2) Jonathan Daniels
3) Mark Evans
4) Woody Geisler
5) Tony Kelley
6) Dean Kramer
7) Ron McConathy
8) Larry Perry
9) Ron Plasencia
10) Kenneth Ross
11) Benjamin Wilson


1) Angel Buckner
2) Kaitlyn Costa
3) Olivia Fleemon
4) Brooke Goodrich
5) Jennifer Hall
6) Ashley Kessler
7) Toni Nicole Douglas
8) Niki Livingston
9) Aria Paige
10) Leah Rene Scroggins*
11) Savannah Lynn Swaggerty

Special Guest: Tiffany Wilson

*Leah will be holding a “Models’ Workshop” from noon to 1pm!!