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Welcome to PhotoModex

Photographers & Models Exchange

The Mission of PhotoModex is to provide safe, friendly venues for photographers and models to meet, network, and shoot.

We pride ourselves in selecting interesting venues that are usually out of the reach of a single photographer looking for a place to photograph his model.

Since 2013 we have been providing such venues. We are always encouraged by those participants that look forward to the “next event.” And, of course, we always welcome new friends to our Photo-Shoot-Outs.

Within the context of our Photo-Shoot-Outs, we offer on-site workshops for both models and photographers. These workshops are geared to teach techniques that can be implemented the same day and results evaluated.

With the success of past workshops, PhotoModex is considering offering free-standing workshops in the future.

Tell Your Story With More than Words…. Whats yours?

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